Policies and Terms

(Payment Policies)

– Policies are determined according to the requirements of customers, whether through the use of electronic methods of payment or through cash payment in the sales exhibitions – 90 %the product to be contracted for is paid if it is available inof the value of one of the sales exhibitions, and the rest of the amount is paid before receipt , within a maximum of 24 hours from the date of receipt . – yed in one of the In the case of manufacturing a product that is not displa sales exhibitions, 50% of the value is paid upon contracting, 25% is paid at complete production stage (carpentry), and the rest of-the end of the semi the amount upon inspection of the product before receipt . – are determined according to the mode of payment Direct installment policies • The company has the right to request all the papers necessary for direct installment operations . – Safety) -In the case of payment by one of the installment methods (Value , the supply and payment shall be made according to the requirements of each system. – Payment for transportation and escort is made before delivery . – The presenter must complete – event that the customer refuses or is late in receiving it at the date In the agreed upon in the contract, the remaining amount on the invoice is paid , and the customer bears storage expenses according to the area of the g to the period as determined byproduct used in the warehouse and accordin the administration and notified to the customer.

(Warranty Policies)

• All home furnishing products manufactured by the company are subject to a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. • apply to improper use of fabrics and sponges The guarantee does not
• The company undertakes that if the company is late for the delivery
• date for a period of more than a week from the date of delivery agreed invoiceupon in the invoice, a 5% deduction will be made from the total .

(Exchange and Return Policy )

• Retrieval :The customer has the right days14 to return the product within in accordance with the Consumer Protection Lawfrom the date of receipt ,original condition inthat it is not used at all and that it is in its provided terms of packaging, components or attachments, with the customer bearing the costs of packaging and shipping.
• The customer is entitled to return the products if they do not conform to product is damagedthe r if , oin the contract the specifications mentioned or has manufacturing defects.
• is not entitled to return the product in the event of defects The customer misuseresulting from .
• Bedrooms, dining rooms, and all products whose : Replacement theat components are installed or specially manufactured products request of the customer, for example, but not limited to (kitchens and -or damaged or nonthey are replaced but curtains), are not returned, fully treatedthey cannot be nforming parts are replaced, and oc . According to the report submitted by the quality department, which is inspectionproduct 5 working days of issued within a maximum of .

(Refund Policy )

• value of the product to the customer begins The process of refunding the its conformityThe returned product and after the result of an examination take a maximumthe inspection process may , and to its original condition the warehouse departmentworking days from the date 5 period of -the customer is notified through an eThen the returned product. receives ail or text message about the results of the examinationm .
• Refunds are made using the same method of payment: cash in the case the case of a visaof a cash payment or a transfer to a bank account in payment
• In the case of a cash purchase, the amount paid will be refunded within two working days of issuing the product inspection report .
• In the case of purchasing with a visa, the amount paid will be refunded of issuing the product inspection report, through awithin 14 working days bank transfer to the customer’s account
• % of 3 In the event of cancellation of orders paid by different credit cards, the total value of the order will be deducte.

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